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Wagepoint can be just a fast, smart and simplified online payroll service for small company application that allows employers and self service managers in any company to deal with...

Wagepoint can be just a fast, smart and simplified online payroll service for small company application that allows employers and self service managers in any company to deal with the salaries and salary of their workers and also other stakeholders such as suppliers. This software is very ideal for small companies mainly in North America that is america (US) and Canada. The application form empowers employers in any business to manage process and pay the salaried and hourly employees quickly and easily. Businesses that handle contractors also find it great to utilize this judicial program.

Since Wagepoint is really a cloud based software, it could be used by sole proprietors, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and other startup business operators to handle their payroll from anywhere in North America right from their internet connected apparatus. The amount of employees, suppliers or builders can differ based on their firm’s operation. Wagepoint gives a free, 30day trial to SME along with also other small business owners.

Overall Rating

Wagepoint has been rated a five out of five stars, meaning it’s widely trusted and used with nearly all users. Overall rating is derived by feedback that analysts get from Wagepoint users through surveys, questionnaires, and opinions.

Benefits Useful

Ranked a five out of five stars, employers and other small business owners who have used it have found it to be quite user friendly. That is because to Wagepoint controlled, managed and being operated by operators who are very experienced and a group of software analysts.

Customer Service

Wagepoint rates a five out of five stars from customerservice, and thus the web-based operators make sure each of their customers who use this particular application are satisfied. They do so by giving a free trial where they invite the business proprietors to register all their employees either salaried or hourly to customers. Furthermore, contractors’ details with their system and their time comes out with the sum that each contractor or employee is assumed to get paid.

Starting price

Following the one month free trial offer that is awarded to each new small business owner, Wagepoint customers reach enjoy the advantages of automated and quick payroll at an extremely competitive and affordable price. The entire charge includes every sum there is a small business owner assumed to pay for a member of staff or a contractor. That is done by a simple plan at which the charge starts from USD 20 for base fee and also an addition of 2500 2 per employee or contractor per day. This usually means when a firm has 40 employees, it is going to pay the base fee of USD 20 and 75000 80 which figures to USD 100 per day.

All of Wagepoint customers are obtained through online training about how to deal with this payroll program and detect some irregularities so as to report them to the support team. Where is a comprehensive outline of how the application works, the practice has been done through instruction. It is also done on the web through live discussions and it’s lastly done personally where a wagepoint representative conducts working out and or customer service visits that the businesses or employers from person.


Client support works 24/7 all year round. It is done by customer care representatives who have knowledge of technicalities and public connections that may be accessed with any client filing a complaint.

More regarding Wagepoint

This cloud established payroll management software is friendly, simple and fast. It is assembled for company payroll systems along with SMEs with working schedules who need their employees’ and contractors’ times that were working supervised for output. Fastest internet connectivity along with customer care team backs it to increase productivity.

This application incorporates simple features such as online pay stubs, direct deposit, end of the year reporting and compiling and taxation filing. Tax-filing is tailored to suit all business owners from both states that are Canada and US.


Wagepoint online payroll program has simple specifications at which the cost is competitive and very inexpensive. It’s a huge array of specifications between small companies and startups.

Different Plans

Different plans such as hourly and monthly obligations. Those employers who pay their employees and contractors on hourly or weekly basis have their price calculated in exactly the best way. Those business owners with contractors and employees in their taxation states and minimum wage are taken care of so as to signify the country’s labor laws or special state.

Discounting has been done in a way that favours all Workpoint customers. Those business owners who have a high number of contractors and employees have rates that are discounted. Those who were adhering to Workpoint regulations are also offered discounts as per the specification. Payroll owners have offerings including during summer holidays.


The Workpoint smallbusiness referral program, being a cloud-based payroll management software has several advantages that business owners, SMEs and other customers can benefit from. From the comments that Workpoint gets from its customers, it’s in a position to sample a number that can be: ease to use, outlines all information needed by all of clients taxation remittance and the automated reporting is accepted by government labs.

It involves zero integration that isn’t known by all customers thus limiting some from operating it well.


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