Verizon FiOS Internet Provider Overview

Being one among the largest small company providers, Verizon FiOS, it’s also one of the best on the market. The business provides bundles that provide online access, residential telephone...

Being one among the largest small company providers, Verizon FiOS, it’s also one of the best on the market. The business provides bundles that provide online access, residential telephone services, and television programming. The further telephone services that you buy, the more discounts they will give.

Verizon FiOS can be one of the country’s largest fiber providers. The business operates in 13 countries and covers more than 40 million people. Since Verizon FiOS deliveries each of their internet services over fiber optic cables rather than using conventional phone wiring, then they are capable of delivering faster speeds with low latency. When most consumers usually concur that businesses in the online providers industry are among the worst organizations to client satisfaction, Verizon is the ideal choice from the category.

FiOS is a somewhat new fiber optics communications system from Verizon. The fiber optics tech has become the backbone of online usage for a very long moment. However, residential customers have only had a possibility of using it to get very few decades. Let us have a good look at the advantages and disadvantages of Verizon FiOS as well as its own pricing.

Experts of Verizon FiOS

Fastest Download Speeds Available

Verizon FIOS is undoubtedly the fastest internet supplier that you can escape there today. The business delivers an awesome rate of 500 Mbps with their best online plan. Regardless of what you normally make use of the internet for, the company online supplier is sure to exceed all of your expectations by providing very quick load times. Their download speeds also make them suitable when there really are  a whole lot of apparatus connected to the internet at any given time. In case download rate is the main concern when choosing the most effective online supplier, then you will not find yet another option which is far better compared to Verizon FiOS.

Great Upload Rates with Most Plans

Whether you decide to go with this 500 Mbps or 1-5 Mbps plan, you could always rest assured that you are receiving the fastest upload rate available. The company’s most inexpensive online plan offer 5 Mbps upload rate that’s significantly more than what other providers providers offer with their best online plans. In case you desire their high-end 500 Mbps online package, then you are going to get an astonishing upload rate of 100 Mbps; an upload rate that you can’t get from any other online provider. You will only notice such significant differences with upload rate when you talk about photos or videos or whenever you’re uploading massive files.

Most Reliable Internet of Any Provider

Every so often the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) analyzes the reliability and broadband speeds of the biggest  online providers from the nation. The Verizon FiOS package was featured from the testing to the first time in 2013. The service provider performed better compared to any other online service provider by delivering completely of advertised downloads operation and were able to preserve that performance even during the summit internet usage phases. It is very common for  businesses   to utilize several apparatus and other online providers surfaced during this moment, Verizon maintained an extremely strong performance. The blend of reliability and speed further indicates that Verizon FiOS could be your ideal online provider out there.

Free Modem with a 2-year Contract

Verizon FiOS can be obtained even without having a contract, but signing up a contract results in  several benefits including becoming a free modem. The deal is available if you sign a 2-year contract with the tiny business internet provider. Despite the fact that this could look like very major commitment, it’s well worth it when you review of the the activities the Verizon FiOS offers. Even the totally free modem may pay from the future as you’re going to be able to save yourself the money that it costs by renting a modem monthly.

No Activation Fee

You do not need to pay any activation fee in order to get the Verizon FiOS online sites; a thing that is pretty infrequent within the business. Despite the fact that this is only a one-time experience and might not appear to be having a big deal to certain folks, the fees can get costly.

Cons of Verizon FiOS

Plans are Pricey

The biggest thing which generally holds a lot of people straight back from deciding to join with Verizon FiOS is certainly their prices. They normally charge more than most internet service providers and some folks could just not be able afford their own services.

Limited to some States

Certainly one of the chief drawbacks to FiOS is their limited availability. As a matter of fact, Verizon FiOS is now offered in major towns in select states in Northeast portions of the nation. You can consistently their site in order to find out whether their service can be found in your area. In case, that you don’t live in a place where FiOS is available now, then you may need to check on occasionally because there are plans under way to expand to other states and cities in the not too distant future.

Added Charges

  • Early termination fees: 7.50 USD monthly
  • Equipment lease prices: Not One
  • Installation fees: Not One
  • One-time installment fees: None
  • Additional fees: None

15/5 Mbps

  • Monthly rates: 49.99 USD a month
  • Download rates: 15Mbps
  • Upload rates: 5Mbps
  • Data allowance: Unlimited

50/25 Mbps

  • Monthly rate: 59.99 USD a month
  • Download rates: 50Mbps
  • Upload rates: 35Mbps
  • Data allowance: Unlimited
  • Monthly rates: 129.99 USD a month
  • Download rates: 150Mbps
  • Upload rates: 65Mbps
  • Data allowance: Unlimited
  • Monthly rates: 209.99 USD a month
  • Download rates: 300Mbps
  • Upload rates: 65 Mbps
  • Data allowance: Unlimited

500/100 Mbps

From a technical perspective, Verizon’s FiOS online service is much more advanced when compared to other small business internet providers. The fiber optics tech has a greater capacity. Additionally, FiOS display quality can be better when compared to other online providers.

Verizon FiOS uses faster and new technologies in delivering several of the quickest internet speeds across the nation at a high price that is still surprisingly cost effective. If you are a heavy online user, technician junky, or some one who usually works at home, then you should undoubtedly choose Verizon FiOS.

By offering the online service with no contract, Verizon gives its customers the liberty of depositing this service everywhere. Along side that freedom also comes the power for re negotiating a greater deal every single every year. Despite the fact that Verizon FiOS is quite new in the industry so the online service may possibly be prone to outages, the business remains one of the small business internet providers.

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